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New Track is a company seeking to apply new track in Business Development, Training. Improvement and quality services in the ICT (Information and communication technology) and Training Services particularly in Egypt and MENA region and with main attention to Health-care sector.

Products and services to be offered shall be presented and delivered in such way that enhance the user experience and knowledge, which is an important factor in success with clients specially in dealing with local governmental sectors that need more development in the employee skills related to information and communication knowledge.

New Track decided to put in it’s first line of it’s own mission the Biomedical sector as part of big area of health-care delivery life cycle to be covered, and after that line the company shall write down more lines in this sector until reach a great profile in the area of Health-care information services.

New Track has made a very strong startup in the middle of 2012 with 42 Big Egyptian hospitals in the very earlier
steps towards improving the health-care information services in Egypt and in the Middle East (MENA).


For further details about my services, availability and inquiry, please fell free to contact me with the information below